Preparation Analysis Mixing Mastering Distribution

With more than twenty five years recording industry experience behind us, we are delighted to announce that our professional audio mixing and mastering facilities are now available to a national audience courtesy of our online services.

We specialise in creating high quality transparent mixes in which every instrument has space it and vocal performances exhibit much sought after characteristics such as width, depth and air. When it comes to mastering, we use a custom processing chain to prepare your music for distribution on physical media or through digital music stores.

Every stage of the process is carried out manually by an accomplished studio engineer using a mix of specialised hardware and globally acclaimed software processing. In our opinion, automated music production is no match for the real deal.

The quality of a final master relies heavily on the condition of the original recordings and as such all submissions must adhere to certain technical standards. Full details are available in our project submission document which also includes a guide to uploading your project.

To avoid unnecessary delays, please refer to the following publication prior to submitting media.

Project Submission Guide

Integrity Analysis
Integrity analysis can reveal artifacts in seemingly perfect recordings and despite being virtually inaudible during the early stages of production, such anomalies can become increasingly evident during the mastering stage .The most common issues we encounter are clipping, sibilance, plosives and background noise.

In the majority of cases, we can employ restorative repairs without the introduction of sonic degradation. We are also able to apply minor pitch adjustments to melodic recordings when the performance is otherwise precise.

If your media is deemed to be technically unsuitable and proves to be beyond restoration, the project engineer will be in touch to discuss the possible solutions.

From a technical perspective mixing is about relative levels, frequency separation and signal processing, but it's by no means a linear operation.

To create a great mix we also need to identify the unique aspects of a song. In the same way a songwriter creates catchy hooks, the engineer exposes the musical nuances which give each song its individual character.

We regarded every project as a collaboration and we actively encourage clients to discuss their requirements. We always strive to recreate the customers original vision.

Our mastering service prepares your projects for distribution. In essence the process applies the final polish.

The techniques used to finalise the mix involve linear phase equalisation, limiting and compression which serve to 'glue' the track together. We also apply subtle frequency enhancements to improve the perceivable dynamic range, creating a production which exhibits the qualities you'd expect from a commercially produced release.